Question: What Cell Service Does Charity Mobile Use?

Voice and data service operators

Company Host network(s) Phone service
Charity Mobile Verizon Yes
China Telecom CTExcel T-Mobile Yes
China Unicom Cuniq US T-Mobile Yes
Chit Chat Mobile Sprint Yes


How to call Charity Mobile from United States?

  • Services are subject to availability, and coverage may not be available in all areas. To enable international calling and messaging from the United States, please call us toll-free at 1-877-474-3662, chat with us using our Live Chat, or e-mail us at [email protected]! Terms and conditions apply.

Which network does charity mobile use?

Pride Wireless also hopes to give back to the LGBT community but Adams says the size of the donations will start out small as the company builds its service, which will run on T-Mobile’s network.

Is charity mobile available in Canada?

About the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada 100 per cent of the donation is then remitted to the designated charity. Mobile giving campaigns are supported by Bell, Bell MTS, Eastlink, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Rogers, TELUS, Tbaytel, Videotron and Virgin Mobile.

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Does Patriot Mobile have 5G?

What cell towers does Patriot Mobile use? Patriot Mobile operates on the nationwide Sprint 4G LTE & 5G network.

Is Patriot Mobile a MVNO?

Patriot Mobile is an MVNO operating on the Sprint network. Founded in 2012 with the aim of targeting conservative America, it offers unlimited text and talk plans as well as high speed data. Other services include diverse range of smartphones.

How do I set up text donations in Canada?

“Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5 to the Canadian Red Cross”

  1. the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association;
  2. the Mobile Giving Foundation U.S.;
  3. the Canadian Wireless Operators;
  4. and the charitable organizations and qualified donees running mobile giving campaigns.

What is America’s largest most reliable network?

With the largest, fastest and now most reliable 5G network, T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G covers 287 million people across 1.6 million square miles – that’s nearly 2.5x the geographic coverage of AT&T and nearly 4x more than Verizon.

How reliable is Verizon?

Year in and year out, Verizon Wireless continues to win awards for its reliable service and powerful performance. In the latest RootMetrics network report, Verizon’s network won or shared first place in all 6 categories tested, including overall network performance, reliability, speed, data, call and text.

Who has the worst cell service?

When the dust settled, these were the least liked carriers in the US, with the worst carrier checking in at number one.

  • Cricket Wireless.
  • XFinity Mobile.
  • AT&T.
  • Mint Mobile.
  • Visible.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Verizon.
  • Consumer Cellular.

How do I switch to Patriot Mobile?

Use the online activation tool: Once the sim card is inserted in the phone, you are ready to active and transfer your service to Patriot Mobile. You can do this by using the online activation tool: or call 972-PATRIOT.

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Is Patriot Mobile a good service?

Great customer service support, and plan prices. Since the switch to T-mobile towers no complaints at all. The phones did not have those chips and instead were loaded with new SIM cards from Patriot Mobile and additional SIM cards were provided for the new carrier but were not installed.

What carrier does pure talk use?

PureTalk USA’s mobile network operator is AT&T Mobility. It is most notable for an industry-first offering of rollover data in their data add-on packages, which has since been discontinued.

What phones can I use with Patriot Mobile?

Any device that is compatible with the Sprint or T-Mobile network is compatible with Patriot Mobile. Most phones that are sold unlocked directly from Motorola and Samsung are compatible.

What Mobile providers use Verizon towers?

Carriers that use Verizon’s network along with other networks:

  • Red Pocket.
  • Twigby.
  • Ting.
  • Pix Wireless.
  • Tracfone.
  • Net10.
  • Straight Talk.
  • US Mobile.

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