Question: How Much Does It Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro For Charity?

The average trek price is $1350 to $4000 with many variables, your pakage will include park fees, pick and drop off airport, hotel two nights,mountain crew and wages, three meals in the mountain, thransport etc.
The climber would, of course, have to cover their own flights, visas, and any costs not normally included in a TK climb. Similarly, if a climber is able to raise $2,000, then $980 could be used towards their climb costs, with the balance of $1,020 going to charity.

How much does climbing Kilimanjaro cost?

The average cost to climb Kilimanjaro is $2000 to $6000, the price varies from cheap, budget operators to large Western travel agents selling outsourced climbs at an inflated price. There are various, unavoidable fixed costs to any tour operator and if a climb seems too cheap, you’ve got to ask yourself why.

Can you climb Kilimanjaro without paying?

So our advice to anyone who is thinking of attempting to climb the mountain without a guide, and without paying the park fees, is simple: DON’T. It’s very unlikely you’ll succeed and all you’re doing is freeloading – indeed, stealing isn’t too strong a word – from one of the poorest countries in the world.

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Can you trek Kilimanjaro for charity?

At 5895 metres a Kilimanjaro Charity Climb is a great challenge, not to be underestimated, but feasible for a regular hill walker or active person who’s looking to combine a high mountain adventure with the magic of a trip to Africa, whilst raising funds for some amazing projects in wonderful communities.

What is the cheapest way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

The cheapest Kilimanjaro climbs (US$1000-1500) The cheapest way to organise a climb is to just turn up at the airport, get a taxi to Moshi or Arusha, and begin negotiating with the companies there. That said, you need to have confidence in your bargaining skills, and – at the risk of sounding like a salesman!

Has anyone died climbing Kilimanjaro?

Have there been deaths on Mount Kilimanjaro? Approximately 30,000 people attempt to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro every year and on average the reported number of deaths is about 10 fatalities per year. It’s a very easy to do evacuation by use of a Helicopter or a stretcher that’s why there are no dead bodies on Kilimanjaro.

What is the best month to climb Kilimanjaro?

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro are the months of January through early-March and June through October. The clear skies, great views, and the sunshine makes it the best comfortable hiking conditions. However, there is always the possibility of weather changing dramatically, regardless of the season.

Do you need a permit to climb Kilimanjaro?

Yes. All hikes or treks on Mount Kilimanjaro can only be completed with a licensed guide. Depending on what route you take, the assistance of porters may also be included in your tour price.

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What is the closest city to Mount Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro’s closest town. Situated on the lower southern slopes of Kilimanjaro, Moshi is the closest town to Kilimanjaro National Park and to the beginning of most climbing routes. It is also home to the Chagga and Maasai tribes.

Can you climb Everest without a guide?

As previously addressed, it is almost impossible to climb Everest completely alone on the standard route. However, you can climb independent with no oxygen, Sherpa or cook support but using ladders and ropes on the south side.

How far is the hike up Kilimanjaro?

The number of miles to hike Mount Kilimanjaro varies according to the route you pick. Umbwe is the shortest route, but also the steepest. It measures 23 miles (37 kilometers). The longest route is the Northern Circuit, coming in at 56 miles (90 kilometers).

How long does it take to climb Kilimanjaro?

In short, for an ordinary person with average fitness level it takes five to nine days to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. At the same time, remember that the more days you spend on Kilimanjaro the more safe and comfortable your hiking experiences will be.

How do you raise money to climb Kilimanjaro?

Once registered you can climb whenever you are ready

  1. Set up a fundraising page.
  2. Agree date for climb, usually around 12 months ahead.
  3. Decide on extra activities – such as visiting our projects, or going on safari.
  4. Raise funds.
  5. Train and get fit.
  6. Attend an optional training weekend.
  7. Buy/hire equipment.
  8. Keep in touch.
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How fit do you need to be to climb Kilimanjaro?

You don’t need to be exceptionally fit, but you do need to get your body used to the particular demands of this hike. Otherwise the first days will be so tiring that you will have no energy left when it counts. So, the best Kilimanjaro training is to simply walk.

Is climbing Kilimanjaro worth it?

Kilimanjaro is an achievement many hikers, athletes, and nature lovers have set their eyes on. But towering 19,341 feet, with a nearly 50% fail rate, reaching the peak takes a hefty amount of work against significant odds. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is absolutely worth it.

Why is Kilimanjaro so expensive?

The main factors that make Climbing Kilimanjaro so expensive are labor costs of paying the guides and porters helping you to climb and the park entry fees into Kilimanjaro National Park. This amounts to about $1,200 for labor and about $1000 in Park Entry fees for yourself and the guides who will be helping you climb.

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