Often asked: How Much Of The Agdq Went To Charity?

Gamers doing good. After a week of frankly wonderful speedruns, Awesome Games Done Quick wrapped up today with a haul of $2.7 million for the Prevent Cancer foundation. To be precise, that’s $2,762,537.03 across 42,076 donations.

How much money was raised at the last AGDQ?

  • The last AGDQ in January 2021 raised nearly 2.76 million U.S. dollars for its designated charity. Already a member? Add this content to your personal favorites.

Awesome Games Done Quick concluded at midnight and sent another record-breaking check to charity, with $3.13 million raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It’s the second GDQ event to raise more than $3 million over the marathon’s week-long run.

How much money has GDQ raised?

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 raises more than $2.8 million for Doctors Without Borders – Dot Esports.

What charity does AGDQ support?

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) is held in January each year and is usually devoted to raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) takes place in June, July or August, with the goal of raising funds for Doctors Without Borders.

Do GDQ runners get paid?

The runners you see on the GDQ streams do not get paid by GDQ. Some of the more well-known names make money from their Twitch streams/social media presence, but as far as I know not directly.

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Is AGDQ a non profit?

Games Done Quick is a charity video game marathon.

What is the most Gdq has raised?

By the end of AGDQ 2021, the total number of runs broadcast during GDQ over the years will hit 3,151, with 2,627 prizes given out, and 2,289 bids placed on those prizes to enter for a chance to win them. AGDQ 2020 currently holds the record for the most money raised for charity, totaling $3,164,002 between Jan.

What does any mean in Speedruns?

Any%, or fastest completion, refers to completing the game as quickly as possible, and often involves sequence breaking. 100%, or full completion, requires the player to complete the game to its fullest.

When did AGDQ?

Protomagicalgirl is no longer part of the staff of GamesDoneQuick, if i remember her twitter last year, she’s retired from speedrunning. I hope that her future projects will be very successful. They seem to be suffering from multiple personality disorder

How does Gdq make money?

Games Done Quick is a charity fundraising organisation that has raised money for charity via speedrunning over the last ten years. Events are streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity.

How is working for Gdq?

Volunteering is the best way to work towards a staff position at GDQ. However, volunteering is not a guaranteed path, and GDQ is typically not hiring for most positions. If GDQ is externally hiring for a position, we will post a job description on gamesdonequick.com/jobs.

Where can I submit a speedrun?

Go to https://speedrun.com/trackmania and select a TrackMania game. 2. Go to the Leaderboards and select the category you have speedrunned, then click on Submit Run.

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