FAQ: In “A Worn Path” By Eudora Welty, Why Does The Nurse Mark The Medicine As Charity In Her Book?

The nurse marks the medicine as charity in her book because of Phoenix’s poverty. The nurse has been instructed (by the doctor) to refrain from charging Phoenix for her grandson’s medicine. The understanding is that Phoenix will have the medicine for free, as long as she can make her own way to the clinic.

What does the medicine symbolize in a worn path?

The significance of the physical, titular path that Phoenix Jackson uses to get to town when retrieving medicine for her grandson is that it illustrates the love and commitment that Phoenix has to her family.

Why does Phoenix not answer the nurses at first?

The nurse recognizes Phoenix and tells her to have a seat after her long trip. The nurse asks Phoenix three times about her grandson’s health, but Phoenix does not answer, so she asks if he has died. Phoenix’s memory and words return to her, and she explains that her grandson is just the same.

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What does the path symbolize in a worn path by Eudora Welty?

One of the main symbols in this story is the worn path itself. The path represents the life of Old Phoenix. It consists of Old Phoenix’s everyday journey, and all that is in her path. The forest is full of danger, wonder, and curiosity.

What does the attendant symbolize in a worn path?

The attendant, however, doesn’t know this nor does she care, and this makes her come off as small-minded, un-empathetic, and as a representation of the way society might stereotype someone like Phoenix.

What is the theme of A Worn Path?

The main themes in “A Worn Path” are racism and duty versus love. Racism: The other characters look down on Phoenix due to her age, race, and class, demonstrating their own cruelty and intolerance.

What happens in A Worn Path?

On a cold December day, an elderly woman named Phoenix Jackson makes her way along a remote path, narrating the journey to herself as she goes. She traverses different kinds of terrain—hills, forests, swamps, and fields—that test the strength and endurance of her old body.

Why does Phoenix want her shoe laces tied once she arrives in town?

Why does Phoenix ask a woman to tie her shoelaces? She doesn’t want to trip on her laces. She is testing the woman to see if she is kind. She needs to pause and catch her breath.

What do the attendants pennies represent?

When the attendant offers to give her a few pennies for Christmastime, Phoenix stiffly replies that, “five pennies is a nickel.” These few words quietly indicate Phoenix’s inherent dignity and self-respect. Phoenix is not demanding; she just states what she needs from the attendant.

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What is ironic in the nurse’s calling Phoenix Jackson a charity case?

Currency Information. The nurse calling Phoenix a ”charity case” is ironic because she is the one stealing money from them and the hunter. Another reason why it is ironic is because she is the one helping her grandson, no one needs to help her.

What does the black dog represent in A Worn Path?

In Eudora Welty’s short story “A Worn Path”, the black dog symbolizes a kind of companionship for Phoenix along the path.

What does the grandson represent in A Worn Path?

For Phoenix, her grandson represents the future of her family, and perhaps, for black people in general. Though we never get to see him, we do know that he suffers greatly after having swallowed lye a few years earlier as a young boy.

Is there irony in A Worn Path?

The overarching irony “A Worn Path” is the allusion to mythic quests and heroism in the story of a simple, uneducated, old black woman just walking to get her grandson’s medicine. Undercutting the irony is the story’s sincere affirmation that anyone can be a hero in the right circumstances.

How does the old woman end up in the ditch in A Worn Path?

What is the old woman’s name? How does the old woman end up in the ditch? she trips and stumbles off the path. What is one of the themes of the story?

How does A Worn Path end?

The ending of the story is a little bit ambiguous, and it isn’t what we would typically call happy or sad. It is a victory for Phoenix insofar as she proves her strength and determination to carry on in the face of rough terrain, physical hardships, and the haters she meets along the way.

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What does the title refer to in the story the worn path?

Much of the story involves Phoenix’s literal journeys as she walks down paths. The phrase “a worn path” can suggest, metaphorically, the relative lack of variety in Phoenix’s life. The fact that Phoenix spends much of the story walking on paths may symbolize her determination.

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