FAQ: How Tall And How Old Is Charity Anderson?

How old is Charity Anderson from World of dance?

  • Charity Anderson was born on the 29th of May, 2000. She is best known for being a Dancer. Jaxon Willard and Sean Lew are also dancer’s who’ve competed on World of Dance. Charity Anderson’s age is 21.

How old is Charity Anderson?

Personal life. In October 3 2020, Anderson married Collin Reid.

Where is charity Anderson from?

For her Duel performance, she lays it all out on the dance floor as she performs to the song “Came Here For Love” by Sigala and Ella Eyre (see song link below). Charity & Andres from Springville, Utah give a performance of a lifetime when they dance to the Kaleo song “Way Down We Go. ” (See song link below.)

What do the winners of World of Dance get?

The contestant(s) with the highest final score being crowned World of Dance champion and winning the US$1,000,000 grand prize.

How old is Kaycee and Sean dance?

Sean is 17 years old and Kaycee is 16 years old, not many dancers can say that they have such a mature sense of movement at that age.

Is Andres in Hsmtmts?

Andres Penate is an actor, known for High School Musical: The Musical – The Series (2019) and Dear

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Was Andres Penate in High School Musical The Musical The Series?

Andres Penate portrayed Dancer and Chorus Performer / Rico in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Who won World of Dance 2?

Not to be totally outdone, J. Lo and Derek both scored The Kings a 99, giving the group an overall score of 99.3—the highest score of any contestant this season.

What episode of World of Dance is charity and Andres on?

Charity & Andres’ Judge Cuts performance in Episode BC010 consisted of performing a contemporary dance routine to a remix of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. Mike, Saf, guest judge Mikey, Pennies and Fresh all gave the duo standing ovations.

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