Mark S. Diorio, Ph.D., M.P.H. – Director

Mark Diorio

Dr. Diorio received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, and M.A. and Ph.D. from The University of Alabama specializing in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  He also received a Masters degree in Public Health (M.P.H.) specializing in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr. Diorio has over 30 years of experience in home, community and facility settings providing administrative supervision, clinical services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   He has provided individual clinical treatment on challenging behavioral disorders and expert consultation on systems, staff training, facility operations and interdisciplinary treatment.   Dr. Diorio has provided expert advice to several States and the Offices of the Attorney General related to USDOJ civil rights issues.

In 2016, Dr. Diorio retired from the Commonwealth of Virginia where he served as Clinical Director and Facility Director at Northern Virginia Training Center (NVTC), a state-operated Intermediate Care Facility for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID).  After NVTC, Dr. Diorio was a Developmental Disabilities Consultant for the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services providing clinical expertise in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities who also exhibited mental health issues and challenging behaviors.  Now in private practice, Dr. Diorio continues to provide clinical treatment, consultation, training and technical assistance concerning clinical and administrative issues related to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  Dr. Diorio is the current President of the Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA), and APDDA Board member for Government Relations.  Dr. Diorio also serves on the Board of the David H. Lawson Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to expanding opportunities and enhancing the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by supporting programs and initiatives to increase access to quality medical, dental and behavioral health services.