Recognizing Generosity and a Heart for Adults with IDD

Honoring Rev. Betty Dunlop


For over 12 years, Rev. Betty Dunlop and her husband, provided over $60,000 in funds for scholarships which were awarded to staff working at the Northern Virginia Training Center (NVTC) who wished to further their education, better equipping them to provide services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Hundreds of providers and professionals today think back to the Dunlop Scholarship Funds that made it possible for them to complete their education.

With the recent closure of NVTC, Rev. Dunlop directed the remaining $31,000 in funds to the David H. Lawson Foundation, which agreed to continue the work of providing scholarships and externships to educate people on how to treat and/or support individuals with IDD. In addition, the funds may be used to provide future training opportunities or treatment to people with IDD. Rev. Dunlop has a passion to continue to support programs for adults with IDD and to help provide continuing education for staff supporting individuals with IDD.

On Monday, August 1, 2016, Joy Felegie and Roger Hartman from the David H. Lawson Foundation had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Dunlop at her home. Rev. Dunlop shared a lovely photo of her daughter, Angela, who previously had resided at NVTC. We recognized Angela’s beautiful smile instantly and enjoyed learning of Angela’s recent positive transition to a Scarlet Haven Group Home in Triangle, Virginia. Rev. Dunlop spoke of the skills and education of the staff who manage the home and/or care of Angela. She smiled when she talked about how well Angela is doing. Rev Dunlop shared “Angela was 15 when she first came to NVTC and now she is 40”. According to Rev. Dunlop, she cared for Angela at home until the medical concerns became more than she could deal with. “Angela was on a waiting list to get into NVTC for 4 years,” she mentioned.

When asked to tell how the Angela Dunlop Scholarship Fund got started, Rev. Dunlop shared the following story: “Years ago, there were many day trips and overnight vacation trips for the residents at NVTC. My husband would often go along on these trips as a parent volunteer. He got to know the direct care staff and noticed how hard they worked and realized how difficult it was for many of them to pay to continue their education. He thought ‘why not help these individuals to continue their education and further develop their skills?’” In response, the Angela Dunlop Scholarship Fund was organized and implemented with the strong support of the NVTC Training Department in developing the scholarship application form and process and helping to administer the program.

The David H. Lawson Foundation is thankful for Rev. Dunlop’s generous gift which will help us advance our mission of promoting access to health and habitation services for individuals with IDD. We look forward to continuing the work that Rev. Dunlop and her husband started years ago. We will continue to collaborate with Rev. Dunlop, ensuring the projects accomplished through the Dunlop Funds are consistent with her wishes. Thank you Mrs. Dunlop!

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